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Director Desk
We are growing day by day. The business environment prevalent in Qatar these days offer becomes competitive. The services we offer to our various clients do not compromise in terms of quality. This has resulted in greater demands for our services thus contributing to the growth and development of the organization.

I believe in the doctrine that “Employees are the assets of the Company”. The greater the numbers of employees the greater care you must have for them. We hope that all employees feel very comfortable working in the Bin Arbaid environment. The financial growth of the organization is noteworthy and this is a result of the contribution from various organizations who have given us the opportunity to be of service to them.

I assure you that our efforts will always be directed towards offering even better services in the future. I take this opportunity to thank all organizations that have directly or indirectly contributed to our growth.

  MDs Desk

Mr. Mohammed Khamis Al Shahwani